For those of you that are unable to attend the class reunion but would like to sign the guest book, we'd love to hear from you, OR if you would like to share a memory from those special high school days, we'd love to hear those too. 

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Alamo, TX
What a treat to find this DCHS 1965 site. I was in lhis class with many up till high school but ended up graduating from East 65. I always wondered what happened to some of my old friends like Dick Mitchell and Devin Matheson, sue Bradseth,Rod Hyvonen, Tom… more »
Henderson, NV
I was not in your class. I graduated From Central in 1964. Our reunion was this past September. My wife and I were in MN for 6 weeks. I wish the class of 65 the best of luck and hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoyed ours. I am putting this on here… more »
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