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For those of you that are unable to attend the 55th reunion on September 24, 2020  but would like to sign the guest book, or leave a message for a classmate, we'd love to hear from you.

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I Remember

I remember listening to the Minnesota Twins play in the 1965 World Series on teachers radios in every class.  Sooo coool


I remeber hearing of President Kennedy's assaination over the school loudspeaker while in Mrs. Nethercott's class.  Mrs Nethercott, a very stoic teacher passionate about her teachings, cried.  I realized the gravity of the situation through her tears.


I remember the cafiteria ceiling coming down.  The Duluth News Tribune came to take pictures of us eating lunch on makeshift tables in the hallways.  And there I was, I was on the front page. 


I remember students wearing hard hats in protest of the poor conditions of Central and getting punished.  Then the Beatles and more rules about hair and not wearing belts to which students cut belt loops off their jeans. More punishment.  WE LEARNED THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

Walter Bruley

We are hoping to create a Memory book. If you are willing to share your information in this book, we would love to have you fill out our questionnaire. It is not required in order to register for the reunion and comments will be displayed for other classmates to view on this website. Just click on that side button "Questionnaire" and you'll be good to go. Thanks for your input.

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