once again trying to see classmates face to face

It's getting kind of late but wanted to send this “SAVE THE DATE” notice out to everyone That might be interested in getting together once again.

The date for our 57th Class Reunion will be:  Thursday, September 22, 2022 at the Blackwoods Restaurant in Duluth, MN. We will have Happy Hour beginning at 4:00 pm and serving a buffet beginning at 5:00 pm.

 We selected the buffet once again as we had prior success with that. Due to rising costs however, it has only two choices of meat instead of three. They  did wave the room rental fee for us but costs for everything everywhere have gone up. The meal includes: champagne chicken, pot roast, redskin potatoes, house or Caesar salad, bread and butter and green beans. The cost will be $33 which includes the tax and tip.

Just to remind everyone that our webpage is still up and running  dchsclass1965.com. If you have not checked it out since our reunion you may want to visit it to see pictures from our 50th Class Reunion, or to add pictures if you would like.  If you cannot remember your username or password to get into the site, feel free to email June at jurojoem@aol.com  or me at joanietanski@gmail.com. I will get that information to you.  Once you get into that site you can also change your password to something that is familiar to you.

We will not be sending a mailing.  Our communication will be done by email and also through our facebook page and Classquest webpage.

 Our facebook page is: Duluth Central Class of 1965.  Currently we have 114 members, but if you know of someone from our class that  would like to be added to our page, please feel free to add them.  (They have to be a friend of yours on your own fb page to add them.) Check out our facebook page also for updates and information regarding our class.

We hope to see many of you there and look forward to catching up again.

Again, If you have any questions or please contact June (Andreasen) Klosowsky, jurojoem@aol.com or Joanie (Andreasen) Tanski, joanietanski@gmail.com 

Thank you everyone!! 

 We are already looking forward to our 57th Class Reunion!!

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